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    The Azienda Uggiano was originally set up by a group of Bergamo businessmen with a passion for Tuscan wines and inspired by a wine expert, Giuseppe Losapio. In 1976, the vineyard expanded and settled at San Vincenzo a Torri, a beautiful location in the heart of Tuscany, nestled in the countryside in the midst of monasteries, churches and country villas. 


    4 products
    Uggiano Prestige Chianti Classico 2020
    MYR 147.00
    Uggiano Petraia Merlot Toscana IGT 2019
    MYR 293.00
    Uggiano Syra Toscana IGT 2019
    MYR 187.00
    Uggiano Chianti DOCG Prestige 2021
    MYR 120.00
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