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    In 1999, renowned winemaker Reid Bosward and agribusiness entrepreneur Ed Peter joined forces to revive these iconic vineyards, honoring the traditions of the past while infusing them with new energy. The result is a collection of legendary wines that withstand the test of time. We recommend you the Kaesler The Bogan Shiraz 2020 is a bright, lifted, and complex wine with luscious black fruit flavors complemented by a touch of sweet spice. Its open palate is filled with sweet fruits, supported by a delightful blend of tannins and oak, leading to an enticing and elegant finish. Utterly delightful to taste.
    4 products
    Kaesler Stonehorse Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
    MYR 167.00
    Kaesler Small Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2017
    MYR 173.00
    Kaesler The Bogan Shiraz 2020
    MYR 320.00
    Kaesler Stonehorse Grenache 2017
    MYR 167.00
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