Philippe Gamet

It all started when François Gamet, who was born in Fleury-La-Rivière, went to help his grandmother, Victoire, who had a smallholding in Mardeuil where she grew grapes and other crops. Before long François settled in Mardeuil and started a family, but his son, Philippe met a girl from Fleury-la-Rivière who later became his wife; her name was Fabienne and she was the daughter of grape growers as well. 55% of their estate is planted with Meunier, 35% with Pinot Noir and the remaining 10% with Chardonnay. They plough the soil mechanically which help to keep other treatments to the absolute minimum and in the majority of their vineyards to allow grass to grow between the rows. Harvesting is done entirely by hand and the average age of our vines is 30 years.