Domaine Le Roc des Anges

he domain of 20 hectares was created in February 2001 by 23 year old Marjorie Gallet. Exposed to wine at an early age (she grew up near Côte Rôtie), she earned her degree at Montpellier while doing apprenticeships with Yves Cuilleron and Pierre Gaillard in the northern Rhone. The domain is located in the valley of Agly, on shallow schist soils (the bedrock is less than one meter down in most parts of the vineyard). 30 different parcels make up the domain with primarily a northern exposition on the side of the Força Real Mountain, protected from the ocean wind and humidity. 40% of the vines are more than 95 years old! Marjorie believes that the vines should be allowed to find their “autonomie” in order to truly express their terroir.