Bodegas Ximenez Spinola

Ximenez-Spinola is the Jerez winery of the Successors of Philipe Antonio Zarzana Spinola, whose first documented exportation with notarial protocols dates from 1729, although in the cellar are not preserved manuscripts relating to its business activity until 1736, and on this varietal crop in particular, until 1752.

The circumstances of “Ximenez-Spinola” make it a unique winery in the entire frame of Jerez, since no other family of winemaking tradition has devoted and remains dedicated exclusively to the grape Pedro Ximénez, obtaining the recognition of Spanish authorities to grant the “Own accreditation: Pedro Ximenez Variety Denomination”

Our wines with own accreditation, have a significant differential value without giving up being part of our land in the frame of Jerez.

They are developed with techniques created by ourselves, which our family has been distinguished for being completely different to elaborations currently covered by the DO Jerez-Xeres-Sherry.

Precisely for these differences when making wine and distilled, Ximenez-Spinola remains an independent and family-owned company with no interest in the production of large volumes but quality and loyalty of its followers. Consequently, by unanimous agreement of the Family Council, all our production is limited and numbered, making each bottle a unique piece, while ensuring the quality and excellence of its content.

We like our condition “House of viticulturists” which continues taking important decisions through the Family Councilor the Tasting and Selection Committee, and despite not wanting to develop big productions, we are proud to satisfy our customers and to continue in the occupation of our elders as they would do it today in our place.